Saturday, 8 December 2012

steps to be a good muslimah | :)

salam alaykum !

in the name of Allah the most Gracious and the most Merciful.

i've been quite busy due to the starting of a new semester. yup, a new semester with a new environment. a new spirit. and yes, subjek this sem memang buat nia sangat ' teruja ' lah. yang amat, haishh. -.- paper law dah nak mula tunjuk taring, *ayat hiperbola habis. k k, over :P . paper politik sains makin bertambah, HAAAA, nie yang kemain kena study nie. 

so as yang pernah saya janji, i will write a steps about how to be a good muslimah. insyaAllah, tips2 nie boleh tolong kalian sikit sebanyak kan? kan? kan? *rasa nak hempuk nia :D ( MUKA CERIA )
SHORTEN THIS PART, sebelum nia makin lelebih lagi, so leggo yawww ! 

in the Muslim religion, women are advised to follow rules that at times may appear to clash with western standards of fairness and equality. However, if one looks into the rules and thinks with an uncritical eye, one will come to notice that everything Muslim women are told to do ultimately benefits women. 

In the Quran, it states ' for Muslim men and women, for believing men and women, for devout men and women, for true men and women, for men and women who are patient and constant, for men and women who humble themselves, for men and women who give in charity, for men and women who fast, for men and women who guard their chastity, and for men and women who engage much in Allah's praise, for them has Allah prepared forgiveness and great reward. (33:35) '

this is me, you and all of muslims wants right?

1. understand that all shall be well with Allah's will. - Allah itu, tidak kira sebesar mana pun dosa yang kita buat kepadaNya, pasti Dia akan ampunkan. even if you feel that you are already too deep to become the good Muslim that you truly can be.

2. discover where the influences causing you to turn your back on your religion come from. or i mean, ( MUHASABAH DIRI ) - maybe you can trace back the cause to either family situations or friends that are leading you on the wrong path. leave the friends. Allah tahu yang terbaik. apa yang kita suka, tak semestinya terbaik untuk kita kan? :) they will not be there on the Day of Judgement when you have to face Allah on your own. if it is because of family, it is a little more difficult. this is where the next steps will come in handy.

3. if you are truly devoted to turning over a new leaf and becoming the best Muslim girl that you can be, you must wear the hijab
. - wajib. yes memang pakai tudung tak wajib but, tutup aurat itu wajib kan? the hijab is not just a piece of cloth that covers hair, it changes you mentally and spiritually. think of it as a way for Allah to protect the women. as soon as you wear the hijab, hopefully, your whole perspective on self-respect and values will automatically change

4. pray 5 times a day. kalau rajin lagi tambah pulak dengan solat sunat. contohnya, ( sunat rawatib, sunat taubat, dan sunat hajat. boleh la tambah dengan zikir and etc ) - s
tart making prayer a normal part of your day, the way eating is a need of ours, our spiritual food is prayers.

5. read the Quran -  read the Quran and also try to read the translation of the Quran and truly try to understand its meaning. baca Quran adalah bertujuan untuk bina hubungan kita dengan Allah swt. also makes you feel closer to Allah. indahnya Quran kan? kalam Allah.

6. learn more about islam - k
now what you have to do (which is called WAJIB things) and what you can't do (HARAM things). the Internet is a valuable source to search for Islamic rules and regulations and the punishments that apply if they are broken. zaman kemudahan teknologi nie tak susah dah. boleh saja search mana2 website but makesure, to go on correct websites ye awak2 semua :D .

7. dress modestly - t
his does not mean that you have to look ugly or not stylish. just be modest. wear longer shirts. remember that it is obligatory to cover the whole body except muka dan tapak tangan. islam tak larang kita berfesyen. tapi jangan ' buta ' fesyen

and the last one is :

8. take time for yourself - nak berubah perlu masa. mana ada hari nie berubah esok terus pakai tutup semua. ye dak? slow2. yang penting istiqamah. islam bukan agama yang memaksa. if you make it a priority in your mind that you want to strive to be the best Muslim girl possible, you will achieve this goal without even realizing it !

every time you feel weak and do not have someone to talk to, remember that Allah (swt) is always there for you and HE is all you need to accomplish this mission. :) have faith on HIM.

SOOOO, i've completed all. alhamdulillah. *senyum telinga ke telinga* . you know what, sharing the best things to all of you buat saya rasa macam, wahh. inilah islam. indahnya islam. saling sebarkan agama Allah. faham tak keterujaan nie? ELELE dia start dah :D 
will be back soon.

pray for me, pray for the ummah. :)



Muhammad Zul Fahmi said...

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kat uitm kelantan :)

Cik Fie said...

nice tips =)